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Ultra Femme 360


Experience the transformative power of Ultra Femme 360, a cutting-edge non-invasive treatment designed to revitalize and enhance intimate wellness. Led by expert gynaecologist Dr Sima, our clinic offers personalised assessments to determine your suitability for this remarkable treatment.

Note: The price would include doctor consultation and follow up until the treatment completed.


The Ultimate Feminine Rejuvenation Treatment

Key Features:
  • Intimate Revitalization: Ultra Femme 360 provides increased hydration, improved elasticity, and enhanced sensitivity in the vulvo-vaginal area.
  • Collagen Boost: Stimulate collagen synthesis, resulting in improved tone and firmness.
  • Comfortable and Quick: This pain-free treatment takes minimal time, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.
  1. Expert Gynecologist Guidance: Dr. Sima, our esteemed gynecologist, will assess your specific needs and guide you through the Ultra Femme 360 treatment process.
  2. Enhanced Intimate Sensation: Ultra Femme 360 boosts sensitivity, leading to heightened pleasure and improved sexual experiences.
  3. Improved Vaginal Tightness: Restore vaginal tightness and elasticity, enhancing comfort and confidence during intimate moments.
  4. Intimate Wellness and Self-Confidence: Ultra Femme 360 enhances overall intimate wellness, boosting self-assurance and satisfaction.