Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smiles

Gummy smile is a condition where excessive gum tissue is exposed when a person smiles. It is a common aesthetic concern for many people, but fortunately, it can be treated with Botox injections.

The treatment for a gummy smile involves injecting Botox into the muscles that control the upper lip’s movement. The injection weakens these muscles, preventing the upper lip from lifting too high when a person smiles. As a result, less gum tissue is exposed, and the smile appears more balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

The procedure is relatively quick, taking only a few minutes, and involves minimal discomfort. Patients can expect to see results within a few days, with the full effects of the treatment taking up to two weeks to appear.

Procedure Time

15-30 mins

Duration of Actions

3-6 months

Recovery Time



Starts from 220£


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