Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Dr Sima Aesthetics Clinic

At Dr. Sima Aesthetics Clinic, we take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy outlines how we collect and use your information:

1. Personal Data Collection:

  • We collect personal information to provide high-quality aesthetics medical care, including medical history, age, contact information, treatment records, and correspondence with healthcare professionals.
  • We also collect website usage data to improve our services.


2. Data Processing:

  • We process data lawfully, fairly, and transparently, based on lawful grounds such as consent or contract performance.
  • We protect your rights and data security.


3. Data Retention:

  • Medical records are retained as required by law, typically for 11 years after you cease being our patient.
  • For children, records are retained until they reach age 25 (with parental/guardian consent).


4. Information Security:

  • Your personal data is stored securely, with authorized access only.
  • Regular data backups ensure data safety.


5. Data Breach Notification:

  • We will inform you and report data breaches to the relevant authorities as required by law.


6. Disclosure of Information:

  • We may share necessary personal information with healthcare providers and government authorities as needed for your care.
  • Any non-healthcare-related disclosures require your explicit consent.


7. Third-Party Services:

  • Third-party services may access some of your data for services such as payment processing and marketing.
  • We ensure data handling complies with GDPR and applicable laws.



8. Online Advertising:

  • We may use third-party advertising services to deliver tailored ads based on your interests.
  • We provide opt-out options for marketing communications.


9. Your Rights:

  • You have rights to access, correct, delete, or port your personal data.
  • You can object to data processing, file complaints, and address concerns regarding data handling.


10. Changes to Privacy Policy:

  • Our policy may change; updates will be posted on our website.

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