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Fat Dissolving Injection


Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Injection is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that targets localized fat deposits, offering a minimally invasive solution for body contouring and achieving a slimmer appearance.

Note: The price would include doctor consultation and follow up until the treatment completed.


As the first clinic in the UK authorized to offer this groundbreaking treatment, Dr. Sima Aesthetics proudly collaborates directly with the main factory, ensuring the highest quality product for our esteemed patients. Experience exclusive expertise and exceptional results as we lead the way in this revolutionary procedure.

Discover the remarkable potential of Lemon Bottle, an advanced all-natural solution for fat dissolving that delivers rapid and impressive results, helping you achieve your desired physique.The key to Lemon Bottle’s outstanding success lies in its unique ability to enhance collagen production, resulting in tightened and firmed skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite, granting you a smoother and more toned appearance.

Witness visible enhancements in body contouring and attain a slimmer silhouette as Lemon Bottle effectively targets cellulite and reduces centimeters in problematic areas.One notable feature of Lemon Bottle is its all-natural composition, offering a safe and non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures, ensuring your peace of mind.

As the leading provider of Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving in the UK, Dr. Sima Aesthetics provides personalized consultations to evaluate your suitability for the treatment.